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"I'm Not a Freemason & I Will Never Be" Otiende Amollo Distances Himself From Ambrose Rachier

Otiende Amollo, a member of parliament from Rarieda and co-owner of a legal practice with Ambrose Rachier, has cleared his identity following claims that he is affiliated with the Freemasonry organization.

The renowned attorney also clarified that Rachier & Amollo LLP, the business they both operate, is not involved in the activities of the covert group in a statement on Monday, October 3.

Rachier revealed some of the movement's wealthy members with significant net worth, including past chief justices and other powerful people from all around the nation.

"It's an interesting time. My law firm's partner, Ambrose Rachier, recently discussed Freemasonry in an interview. I'm not a Freemason and I never will be!"

"Let it be known that the Rachier & Amollo LLP law firm is not connected to the movement!" Amollo asserted strongly.

A broad variety of legal services are offered to both commercial and private clients by the law firm, which was established towards the tail end of the 1990s.

Rachier founded it with the intention of developing a thriving law business with unmistakable foundations in the values of honesty and refraining from exploitation of both employees and clients.

The firm's mission statement states that it wants to "become a pillar of efficient and unmatched legal practice and expertise, large enough to handle the multinational conglomerates, yet modest and caring enough to grant audience to the financially challenged, yet aggrieved members of society, whose rights have been unlawfully abrogated."

Rachier revealed that the squad, which is associated with high society, performs its own ceremonies akin to circumcisions and marriages in the interview with NTV on Sunday, October 2.

He added that the initiative was motivated by the need to spread charity endeavors from the nation's one percent.

"We have our own rituals that we cannot discuss in public, much like at weddings or other cultural events like circumcisions. There are initiations here. Even when there is no swearing, swearing has no negative effects.

"We become members of freemasonry to spread benevolence. There are some affluent members of freemasonry as well as individuals like me who lead regular lives. If memory serves, all I can say is that there aren't many politicians. Several of them are court judges "He clarified.

Rachier argued that membership is only available by invitation and that potential members must successfully complete a series of examinations.

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