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KMPDU is threatening to strike if their allowances are slashed

The Kenya Doctors, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has warned the Salary and Compensation Commission (SRC) not to cut benefits for its members. Unions said interfering with their benefits could advance previously planned strikes. Two weeks ago, unions and the state agreed to suspend nationwide strikes.

At a press conference in Naivasha on Wednesday, KMPDU Executive Director Dr. Davji Atellah said the SRC plans to suspend benefits for some members. He stressed that leave pay is an incentive and compensation for lost earnings while civil servants are actively performing their duties in a medical institution, which is why they include it as a bargaining item in civil servants' collective bargaining agreements. Atellah added that her benefits were set out in her employment contract and that removing them would demotivate the health profession.

He warned that such measures would have dire consequences for the health sector. It is stated that issuing guidelines for employers is unconstitutional. KMPDU chairman Abidan Mwachi also said that the SRC wanted to cut salaries in half but would not allow it. He explained that doctors work in difficult conditions and it is their right to receive these benefits. Mwachi stressed that they will not remain silent and are prepared to renege on an agreement with the country to halt the strike.

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