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Degree Requirement on MCA's Unconstitutional, Null and Void, High Court Rules

High Court has made a decision that degree requirement for MCA's is unlawful and unconstitutional. According to Justice Mrima, the law puts everybody at par and anybody can be able run for the seat of an MCA even without a degree.

According to High Court, the law requiring MCA's to have degree to contest for the seat is unconstitutional. This is a great reprieve to MCA's given most of them do not have degrees and would be locked out.

Justice Mrima made it clear that it's not a must for an MCA to have a degree. According to him, the law doesn't specify on the requirements of degree did any contestant of the seat of an MCA rather it only requires the basic things.

This is obviously good news to majority MCA's across the country given many of them lack education qualifications. However it's clear only time will tell of what will unfold moving into the 2022 general election for it's clear many things can change in law but hopefully such as law will remain.

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High Court Justice Mrima


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