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Courts:What is Case Disposition?

If the case status is saying that the case has been disposed of or disposed.It means that the proceeding in the particular case have been completed.The trial in the said case has come to an end and the court has given its final order.

In case of a civil matter,the case is called disposed only after all the issues or charges involved in the case have been dealt with.And the decision has been given by court in favour of either one of the parties.Once a civil case is disposed,the party can either appeal in a higher court or can accept the decision and stop pursing the case further.

In a criminal matter,the case is disposed when the accused has been either of all the charges or has been convicted by the court.Or proceeding have been brought to an end by the prosecution dropping all the charges against the accused or the court could not find any probable cause to continue the case.

Other cases for case disposed include;

1)Case has been transfered to another court (contested transfered).

2) Case has been dismissed for default because the complainant or witness has not shown up for several hearings (contested dismissed for default).

3) Case has been withdrawn by the prosecution or complainant (contest dismissed).

4)Lastly,case has been consigned to long pending case register as witnesses have been absent for several hearings (contested adjourned sine die).

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