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Lawyer in a Tight Corner After Being Charged With Conning Orphans Ksh 100 Million

A lawyer has found himself in a tight corner after he was charged along with a wealthy businessman for defrauding an orphan an amount worth Sh100million.

The lawyer, Philemon Morara Apiemi, was arraigned along with Mr Shahdadpuri Chanshymam Choithram in the presence of Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi.

Mr Choithram, did not appear in court as ordered by the prosecution as he was suffering from Corona disease.

Morara appeared in court and denied seven charges against him and then asked for his release on bail.

The lawyer representing Mr Choithram is accused of defrauding the heirs of the property of the late Suresh Lakhian and Narian Choithram Shahdadpuri.

Morara and Choithram face 13 counts of conspiracy to defraud the heirs of the late Suresh Lakhian and Narian Choithram Shahdadpuri a company known as Global Apparels Kenya (EPZ) Limited-GAK (EPZ) -

"Mr Choithram has not appeared in court as he has been instructed by doctors at the Aga Khan Hospital to stay away for 14 days to recover from Corona's disease," the judge was informed by the businessman's lawyer.

The court was asked to name a case against Mr Choithram within 14 days to enable him to recover.

"I will hand over to the clerk the court a copy of this report from the Aga Khan Hospital about Mr Choithram," Mr Andayi was told.

Mr Apiemi faces seven charges while the owner is facing 13 counts of embezzlement.

Prosecutor Angela Fuchaka did not oppose the request for a trial against Mr Choithram to be set aside for another day "because he is suffering from Corona disease."

The two, Choithram and Morara, are facing charges of embezzling GAK (EPZ) Ltd shares 250,000 shares worth Sh25million and another 750,000 shares worth Sh75million.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr Choithram pretended to be the Director of GAK (EPZ) Ltd and Morara, the company's attorney for GAK (EPZ) Ltd and registered for all the shares.

Ms Fuchaka told the court that the shares benefited Choithram.

The two allegedly committed the crime between October 16 2016 and June 13 2018.

Morara and Choithram allegedly filed a registration certificate for the company's shares on June 18 2018 claiming the deed of transfer ownership had been signed by the late Suresh Lakhian and Narian Choithram Shahdadpuri.

Morara was accused of submitting certificates of change of ownership of the company to the registrar's office of the attorney general's office claiming that they were genuine.

The court released Morara on Sh500,000 cash bail.

The case is being re-assigned to another court, and two weeks later the case will be dropped.

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