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Grand Mullah Was Right on What The Law Says About Provocation Killing, Kiambu Court Proves Him Right

A few days ago, Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi said that sometimes the law allows you to kill. He was criticized for what he said but what many didn't comprehend was that the lawyer, is well versed in matters to do with the law.

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He said that if you find someone in bed with your wife or girlfriend, if you kill them, you are justified. This is what is called in the courts as provocation as you did not have any intent to kill and you were simply provoked to do what you did.

In a Kiambu Court today, a man by the name of Karanja has been set free by the court after having killed his cousin. Karanja is said to have found his cousin flirting with his wife when he killed him.

Karanja has received a suspended five year jail sentence for the killing of his cousin. The judge, Justice Mary Kasanga, said that Karanja was provoked into killing his cousin and he never intended to do it. This proves what Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi said to Churchill on the Sunday interview.

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