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Why Kenyans Always Go To The Streets To Protest

We have always seen Kenyans on the streets protesting, blocking roads and even engaging in fight with police officers. These Kenyans do not wake up from nowhere and go to streets to protest, there must be something behind that makes them to do so. Today we shall look at things that make Kenyans to protest in the streets.

1.High cost of living.

For instance the fuel price rise has made the cost of living to go high, with no enough reasons from the government as to why this price has gone high has made Kenyans angry to an extent going to the streets to demand for their rights as Kenyans.


This is one of the reasons that make Kenyans go to the streets to protest demanding the culprits to be arrested. What makes Kenyans angry is that they are taxed from their daily sweat but the money end up in the pockets of some individuals.

3.Unclear killings.

These unclear killings may involved well known criminals or officer but no action taken. This makes Kenyans to protests demanding justice to be prevailed.

4.Political leaders.

Inactive political leaders like governors, MPs may be also the reason why Kenyans protest because they may have not done anything on their places.

5.Poor roads.

We have always seen Kenyans protesting because of poor roads in their areas.

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