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Opinion: Reasons Our Internal Defense Need Professional Psychological Intervention

With the ongoing police slaughter of spouses, lovers, family members and other officers it is clear that our internal defense forces face a personal social dilemma.This internal social problem , interferes with the duty of protecting the nation and the burden that comes along with it.The men in blue handle weapons so the ultimate sound mind is needed for this duty.

The excess work and home stress drama ,collide creating a mental havoc in the officer, that ends up taking lives.This is why group and individual , psychology and therapeutic sessions must be held within the forces by professionals , at least twice every month.

These sessions will help protect the man in blue from his wild, uncontrolled, angry inner self.Mental health check-ups are as necessary as going to a clinic for physical check-ups.Psychological experts help the officers create an efficient balance, between duty and social life.Such sessions, create a safe space for officers to vent out their deepest feelings.The mental experts also diagnose and treat officers with mental illness.

Such sessions will help the officers find peace within themselves, enabling them to operate and serve the country fully,as well as bonding and creating healthy relationships with those around them.

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