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17 Year Family Despute Involving Kihika's That Koome, Maraga, Musinga & Ouko Have all Taken Part In

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After years of mistrust and Judicial capture by the executive, Kenyans were finally able to celebrate the efforts of the judiciary after the three superior courts all turned down the BBI bill. 

The likes of Justice Smokin Wanjala, Philomena Mwilu, Daniel Musinga, Martha Koome, and William Ouko have been hailed for their excellent judgments that meant the country's constitution will survive another mutilation attempt by power-hungry individuals.

Away from the BBI shenanigans, judges William Ouko, Martha Koome, Daniel Musinga, and former Chief Justice David Maraga have one thing in common. The four judges have all at one time asked to give a ruling on a case involving the famous Kihika family. 

The late Politician Dickson Kihika left behind eight wives with dozens of children each. The eight have been involved in fights over the 600Million estate he left behind. 

The cases have ranged from Administration of the will, several children he left behind, and even extra women who have been emerging claiming they had been married to the veteran Politician. 

The case has dragged on for 17 years with Justice Matheka the latest high-profile Judge set to hear the case on May 16th.

The children of the widows are seeking the court to make them the administrators of the empire now that their moms have become old. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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