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DPP Haji Calls For Public Inquest On Cohen's Murder

New details have emerged on business tycoon Tobb Cohen's murder after the head of public prosection Noordin Haji called for public inquest letting Sarah Cohen go without being prosecuted. The question still remains on who really wanted the business tycoon dead.

According to the information from a reliable source, sudden twist as the mystery of Cohen's murder has taken a new move, it is alleged that two politicians who are not mentioned were involved in the disappearance and murder of the Dutch business tycoon Tob Cohen and that they could feature in an public inquest into the death of the businessman.

This comes after the office of the director of public prosection Noordin Haji had dropped the case of Sarah Cohen and went to deal with the case in a public inquest where different people from the public can be witnesses on what happened and can also foward evidence for further investigations. The other day it was discussed that it was not the way to go but details have started emerging on what really happened to the business tycoon.

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