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Rashid Abdalla Sends This Strong Political Statement To Kenyans

Celebrated Citizen Tv news anchor Rashid Abdalla has come out to send a strong message to Kenyans amid protest over some of the recent activities of the government. Rashid's message comes shortly after he sent another statement in which he told Kenyans to stop complaining about poor leadership. In the previous message, Rashid claimed that the citizens are responsible for electing the current government and they should therefore not complain or regret it.

The past few weeks have seen Kenyans on social media protest over some of the new measures that were announced by the government to contain the spread of COVID-19. Kenyans were particularly not happy with the countrywide curfew and the lockdown that was placed on five counties.

Rashid Abdalla has advised Kenyans not to be focused the government activities that will not help them. He noted that they should not protest over what has already been done but should instead invest more time on what will benefit them as an individual.

"Tuchukulie yamefanyika, yanaboresha vipi ya kwako? Tumia mda wako kutimiza malengo yako wala sio kujihusisha na yasio ya kwako. Kumbuka hata dereva mbeba kinyesi hujisaidia chooni ilhali gari halijajaa mzigo," Rashid Abdalla's statement on social media read.

The journalist had previously advised the government through a post that he published on the internet that it should invest more in making Kenyans feel proud of their nationality.

"Tofauti nchini 🇰🇪 itapatikana pale walio madarakani watajitahidi ili wananchi WAJIONE wakenya badala ya wananchi KUJIHISI ni wakenya," Rashid Abdalla's previous post read.

The majority of Rashid's followers came out to express support for his statement.

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