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Angry Mob Of Justice Beat Hubby Almost To Death After He Did The Unthinkable To My Sister;Lady Says

Julia, from Naivasha county, sadly narrates what her husband did to her sister, which led to him being beaten by an angry mob of justice.

According to Julia, her parents passed on while she was at a tender age, and she was left as the sole bread winner to her siblings, who were two brothers and one sister. Life became unbearable and later, she met a man who proposed marriage to her and even offered to help her, and she kids. That was a no-brainer since she was at the edge of giving up in life.

She moved into his house together with her siblings and life continued well. Julia later got a job, and she used to leave the siblings at home alone. After a year, she got pregnant with their first child, and she later delivered safely. Her husband started changing, and he became a drunkard, and he stopped providing for them.

Julia had to work so hard so that they would get something to eat. She had to persevere all the troubles since she had nowhere else to go. On this fateful day, she went to work as usual and when she came back, she was met with the greatest shock of her life.

She saw a massive crowd at their gate from a distance and wondered what had happened. She rushed to inquire and upon arrival, the neighbors informed her that the husband had raped her sister. He was being beaten by the angry mob until he almost passed on.

She went to the house and found her sister surrounded by people who had rescued her as she explained what had happened. She said that the husband had forced himself on her and threatened to destroy her if she said a word to anyone. They rushed her to hospital for treatment. The police came later on and rescued the husband.

 He was taken to prison then later to court. He was charged with child molesting and he later pleaded guilty, and he was jailed for life. Julia says that it's hard to forgive him up to date and that the scars are still fresh.

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Julia Naivasha


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