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City Lawyer Kipkorir Name List of Great Leaders Who Loved Drink and Got Drunk; See who was the First

Popular Nairobi city lawyer Donald Kipkorir has left people surprised after producing a list of great leaders in the world who loved drink and actually got drunk.

Naming them was not a problem, what excited his followers is who he chose to begin his list with followed by the rest as nobody could expect.

Kipkorir began his list with the famous son of God Jesus Christ.As much as this could make some of the people especially christians to frown at him,majority broke their ribs in laughter.

This is because no one could actually expect him to mention the son of God in such a way or in connection to alcohol as he is considered holy and without blemish.

Alcohol is associated with evil people who don't recognize both God and his son or people who have decided not to follow the christian Bible teachings.

However, on several accounts in the Bible Jesus was on record to having been in contact with alcohol.In one account he changed water into wine so that people could drink.

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