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Itumbi Finally Responds To Today's Court Ruling On Ruto's Assassination Case As He Reveals Next Plan

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Ruto's online soldier and number one keyboard warrior are facing a jail term if the court will find him guilty of the charges that have been labeled against him. Earlier today Magistrate Mutuku had ruled that the popular blogger has a case to answer. 

Itumbi and his accomplice are accused of digitally doctoring and sharing a document that alleged about the existence of a plot to Assassinate the Deputy President in a Scandal that has since been referred to as LA Mada. 

Itumbi has now revealed that he will be appealing the ruling by Mutuku. He also lauded the manner in which the judge had handled the matter. 

"I agree with my Lawyers. We shall APPEAL. How do we go to our defence on laws already declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by the High Court? Hata  kama. But I must Salute the Magistrate, she handled the prosecution case Firmly. Mutuku, in my view,  is a great Magistrate. " he wrote on Twitter 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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