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24 Year Old Woman Arrested For Wearing 'Shameful' Clothing In Public

' My dress, my choice ' this is a slogan which has been going on for some time now. It all began when some ladies were publicly bashed for dressing on scanty artire and openly going freely on public places. At some places, the ladies were mishandled for the dressing, commonly by Bodaboda and at matatu terminus and market places.

After being mishandled on several occasions, many activists came up and started Campaigning for woman rights, and that is where my dress my choice slogan came up. A slogan which aims at motivating women to freely appear in public with the dressing they feel comfortable on.

However, this freedom of my dress my choice is not common at all places in the world. In a story done by the nation on Facebook, a 24 Year Old woman was arrested in Rwanda for wearing 'shameful' clothing in public.

The woman identified as Lilian Mugabekazi now faces upto two years in jail for her choice in dressing .

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