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Woman Sues Husband Over Child Support, Wins Case Only For DNA Results For Children To Come Negative

A man has been left in shock after his wife of so many years sued him in court over child support, won the case and was given rights to his properties and businesses only for the DNA results for 3 out of 4 of the children to come back negative. Muzarimu Kajimu decided to take a paternity test on suspicion that one of the children was not his and to his surprise the medical tests revealed the children were not biologically his.

During a bitter fallout in their marriage, Kajimu had been a battle with his wife over the ownership of their house and businesses, a row that made him go to court and ask the judge to allow him take a paternity test.

The court agreed to his request and on November 2020 he took the tests only for the results to come back on April 2021 revealing the worst, he was raising children that weren't his.

The court further ordered the house to be fully in possession of the man and all his property and businesses be solely his as the DNA results gave him an upper hand over the case. It's stated that he only sired 1 out of four children in their 24 years of marriage. On realizing she was caught, she admitted that her boss sired 3 of the other children.

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