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Man Convicted Wrongfully For Killing Mother Appeals For Help After 22 Years In Prison

A 37 years old man and he is currently in prison after he was accused of allegedly killing his mother when he was 14 years old. The mother of this boy who is the deceased was named Rita Politte. According to the reports that were given by the detectives is that she died a painful death after she was hit by a blunt object before she was burned to death. She used to live together with her son in Hopewell, Missouri and the tragic incident happened in 1998 which is 22 years down the line. He was at the house when the incident happened and he was arrested by the detectives after the police noticed traces of gasoline in his sneakers.

Later on, it was discovered that all these were assumptions in the young man did not take part in killing his mother. He never got a fair trial and he is currently appealing so that his case could be heard again. He is hopeful that this time around he is going to find justice for himself so that he can free and start a new life.

What Happened The Night Rita Politte Was Murdered

According to the reports given from a reliable source is that Rita Politte was at her home together with her son. They used to live together. They used to live in a mobile home at Hopewell, Missouri was back in 1998. After the death of his mother, many things changed from there' s henceforth.

According to the autopsy results, it showed that the woman had been hit by a blunt object before her body was set on fire. That night the two were just chilling and Michael decided to go to sleep leaving her mother all alone. No one still understands if there was an intruder or not but it' s reported that someone hit her with a blunt object on the head. The woman lost consciousness and that is when the suspect set her body on fire to hide the evidence. The smoke woke up the young boy who was dead asleep. He saw the lifeless body of his mother but he did not respond and the police found him in that state and he was arrested.

How Detectives Mishandled The Boy After His Mother' s Death

According to the reports that have been given by the detectives is that he was 14 years old when the incident happened. He was woken up by smoke from the house and he found the mother died after she was burned. There was so much smoke in the house that he was even struggling to breathe properly. The neighbors had called the fire department and the police officers informing them about the incident. It' s been reported that the only person who was found at the crime scene was Michael. He had to run through the house trying to escape being a scared little boy. The young boy was arrested the same day by the police officers.

He was interrogated multiple times by four different law enforcement officers. All this happened quickly that is within 48 hours. They never gave him a chance to sleep yet he was still a young boy. They traumatized him and called him a remorseless cold- blooded killer simply because they could not detect his emotions after the incident happened. What this officer did not understand is the science has proven that children' s minds and behavior respond differently from those of adults maybe this later hit the boy without anybody' s knowledge.

Politte Found Guilty Of Killing Mother

When Michael Bernie Politte was 18 years old the judges found him guilty of killing his mother. According to the reports that have been given by one of the judges is that they believe that justice is always going to be found and it doesn' t matter how long it takes. The jury had 12 members and they all came together to ensure that they make the right decision in an 18 years old boy who was accused of killing his mother.

The case is reported to have been held at St Francois County courtroom. It was so sad that all the 12 judges judged him guilty without looking keenly at the evidence. The only thing that incriminated him is that he had gasoline in his shoes and late on the detectives found out that it was burned rubber. During that day at the courtroom, there were family members and a few court workers. The family of the young boy could not control their tears after the verdict was given.

They knew the young boy was a good person and he was not capable of doing that. One woman is reported to have cried uncontrollably in the court of law and she refused to leave the Courtroom A former Juvenile detention center worker testified against the incident. The young boy had to go to Juvenile court while he was 14 years until he was of age so that he can be arraigned in the Court of law. His peers testified that he used to narrate how he killed his mother and that is why he was sentenced after he was found guilty in second high degree murder.

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