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Judge Tells Off Greedy Man For Abandoning His Mother And Demanding Their Wealth

A Kenyan man left Justice Maureen Odero dismayed during court proceedings when he tried to implicate her mother to be suffering from a mental disorder so that he could have total control of the family wealth.

The Judge however shut down the demands from the man who had claimed that his mother had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and felt she was unfit to take care of the family property.

According to the man, her 76-year-old mother had refused to take her medication and had thrown everyone out of the house and he was forced to use the local authorities to get access into the apartment where he found his mother living in deplorable conditions.

Justice Maureen Odero however scolded the man and refuted the claims that she was mentally sick after identifying that the woman was suffering from loneliness after being neglected by her close family as is now the case in the current society.

"Indeed it is a fact that in African societies the elderly are not left to manage on their own. The family will always make provisions and ensure there are people around to provide companionship and care for the elderly, In my view, the odd behavior of the subject may not have arisen strictly due to her mental disorder, but rather arose on account of lack of supervision and companionship in her life." Justice Maureen articulated.

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