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Details of a Title Deed

When one is about to buy land, you have to do a search to first establish the real owner of the property. But before that, kindly always ask for a copy of the title deed to get the property number that you will do a search with.

 Title deed gives the owner the rights over the land without restricted use or restricted years. This is for freehold land. Therefore, establish whether it is freehold or leasehold land. 

For freehold land, the title is usually a booklet which has four pages. It is usually white in color and has a seal on the first page. 

First page, this contains the details of the owner such as his or her name, their identification number, the size of the land in hectares and map sheet number. It also describes the type of land, whether freehold or leasehold.

Second page, at the top it has sections A and B described as property proprietorship. It provides for further details of the land such as the owners details , parcel number, signature and stamp.

Third page, this is a crucial page that provides for the history and records of the land. It is called the encumbrances section. On this page you will find out whether the land is being used as collateral in a bank, whether it has disputes in court and whether it’s on mortgage.

Fourth page, this is the back and final page. It is almost similar to the first page in terms of details. It records the title deed number and the document code at the bottom. 

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