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City Lawyer Confirms He'll be Quitting Nairobi, Plans to Build a Home in this Continent

Flamboyant city lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, for a long time now has been complaining of how the Nairobi city and other major towns in the country were structured.

According to him, proper planning ought to be done to improve especially in Nairobi where there are a number of slums. He says that the slums in Nairobi can be converted in first class settlements lest the Nairobi Nairobi becomes a slum.

For this reason, the lawyer has taken to his official social media platforms to announce that he will be quiting Nairobi.

He added that he is working on a plan to buy an island off Kwale and a home in Europe and eventually quit Nairobi city which is slowly becoming a big slum.

"Don't worry about my being awol from here. Gold mining is in deep tunnels underground. I am working on buying my island off Kwale and a home in Europe then I quit Nairobi that is becoming a big slum," he tweeted.

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