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Court to Rule if Mwai Kibaki Remains Will be Exhumed For DNA Tests to be Made

A case has been filled by two people who claim to be Mwai Kibaki's biological children. According to the two persons, they are Mwai Kibaki's first biological children. The two are Mr Jacob Ocholla and Miss JNL. They two claim that they are Kibaki's children who were born before Kibaki married Lucy.

Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purpose only.

According to the report, the court had previously ordered a mediation between the two parties so that they can reach an agreement on how to share Kibaki's property. The two want to be recognized as Mwai Kibaki's biological children and be allowed to inherit their fathers wealth.

Photo courtesy, image of Mwai Kibaki at burial.

According to the report, justice Eric Ogola will be the one do decide whether Mwai Kibaki Remains Will be exhumed for DNA samples to the extracted by doctors who will perform a DNA test to determine whether the two are really Kibaki's biological children. Please do like, comment and share.

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