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"KIEMS Kits Had The Same Serial Number" IEBC Lawyer Admits

The issue raised by the petitioners on IEBC KIEMS having the same serial number has been addressed by their lawyer Mahat Somane.While addressing the Supreme court judges this Friday 2nd,the lawyer has confessed to the KIEMS kits having the same serial numbers.This explains the question on why the same Kiems kits was reported to have transmitted results from two different counties.According to Mahat,the KIEMS kits are however distinct from each other as they have different identifiers."We admit that the KIEMS kits had the same serial numbers but we want to tell the court that those KIEMS kits have different identifiers,"stated Mahat.This comes after lawyers by the petitioners raises issues on results having been sent from different counties with KIEMs kits of the same serial number.What is your take on this submission by the IEBC lawyer? Kindly drop in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.Remember to preach peace and avoid incitement during this post elections period.

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