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"Should We Continue Using The Name Kenya?" US-Based Kenyan Lawyer Breaks The ice And Reveals This,

Kenya is a democratic country whereby everybody have rights to express his or her feelings. Furthermore, our country was a British territory and the name Kenya was given by the whites. The name have been used for many years now. Also the Whites and Arabs brought different items in our country such as, clothes, different types of foods like maize, bean and cars.

Accordingly from the source, US-Based Kenyan lawyer, Makau Mutua have revealed that our country should change her name.He has also started that our country should use another name instead of using the same name that was given many years ago by Whites. Also he has accused many Africans country who are still using the names that were issued during the colonial era. I quote his statement, "This mimicry, or proclivity for worshipping things European, is now part of Africa's Zeitgeist. Most Africans even don't question it anymore. They have fully submitted to Eurocentricity.... Today, I want to address an important question about Kenya's intellectual surrender to Europe and the West. Should the country called Kenya continue to use that name? What's Kenya's etymology, and why cling to it? " Mutua revealed.

Will our country be ready to drop its name Kenya? Which is the favourite name that our country will have?

Lets hope that things may change and have another name.

What are your views?

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