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"I Raped A Minor And I Was Jailed For 97yrs, I Ruined My Life And I Regret What I Did" Samuel Stated

A man from Nyeri Maximum prison reffered to as Samuel Thiongo stated that he was jailed for ninety seven years for raping a child. He said that he regrets what he did and believes that he ruined his life for something he could have avoided.

According to Samuel he was jailed after he was cought by people defiling and raping a minor in his village. He was reluctant to share what exactly happened on that day but stated that he was brutally beaten by a Mob after they found him taking advantage of the child.

According to him he was arrested and taken to court and after three years of court hearing he was jailed for ninety seven years. He said that he has served twenty years and life hasn't been easy in prison.

"I lost my freedom and my life has been very difficult since I came to prison." Samuel stated.

He claimed that he changed his life while in prison and he became a preacher. He preaches to fellow prisoners who have also changed their ways. He regrets what he did and believes that he has wasted all his youth in prison because of an act that he could have avoided.

He said that life in prison has been difficult for him and it's not a place he would want anybody to be, he has adviced young people to refrain from crime and engage in constructive things that will build their future.

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