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Embu Man Confesses To Having Killed A Catholic Priest Who Sodomized Him, Nicknamed Him "Babe"

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An Embu man confesses to the murder of the Catholic priest who raped him, calling him "baby."

Michael Muthinji, who pleaded guilty to Embu Resident Judge Lucy Njuguna.

One of the suspects in the murder of Catholic priest Michael Kiengo Meingi admitted in a statement Thursday that he killed the priest after making him a "wife."

Michael Muthinji, who pleaded guilty to Embu Magistrate Lucy Njuguna, said the priest verbally abused him on several occasions before he was fed and stabbed to death in October 2019. He denied the charge when he was first charged in 2019.

Muthinji will be sentenced on November 8, 2021 after the trial protocol is presented to the court. State prosecutor Leah Mati described the incident as how the suspect killed a Catholic priest and buried his body in a long grave in Embu before going into hiding.

Mati told the court that Muthinji had escaped and was arrested in Kilifi, where he was hiding after the murder, before being tried for murder along with two other defendants; Kavivya Mwangangi and Solomon Mutawa.

Maingi's father, a 43-year-old priest living in Thatha Parish, Machakos District, disappeared on October 8, 2019, before his body was found in a long grave on the banks of the Mashamba River in Mbeere sub-county

Through his lawyer, the defendant admitted that in 2017 the priest, who was originally his mentor and paid the tuition, had sexual relations with him, and then called him "beiby", "lover", among other names ,Before having sex with him. The suspect told the court that one day the priest spiked his drink and gave him drugs, but woke up to find that he was asleep.

When he tried to find out why the priest raped him, the priest stated that he was not allowed to do so because the accused did not have to pay anything. "If I hurt you so bad, take the money, put it on the table and buy medicine. Let me go to Muthinji, ”he told the court. It was at this time that the defendant declared that he was angry and self-critical, even committing suicide, because he did not understand why the person who was his mentor turned into an animal.

He told the court that this lasted for a while and led to suicide as he lost his dignity, but things got worse when the deceased told him that he had contracted a venereal disease. The defendant said the priest's statement infuriated him, causing him to faint. He then stabbed her and slit her throat before putting his body in his gun bag.

Muthinji said that he felt remorse for persuading the court to forgive him, saying that he was a young man who could make a difference and do something meaningful in his life in society. The body of Maingi's father was found wrapped in a bag with a pistol and a slit throat.

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