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New Dilemma For Gicheru's Family After The Autopsy Results Revealed This

The family of lawyer Paul Gicheru has been thrown into another phase of uncertainty after the autopsy results failed to point out what killed the lawyer. The autopsy was carried out on Friday but no conclusion was made as to what led to the death of the lawyer who has a pending case in the ICC.

The postmortem was carried out by a government pathologist Dr Dorothy Njeru in the presence of the family lawyer John Khaminwa. The DCI detectives took some samples from the postmortem to help in further investigations in the government laboratories. They did not however say when the results will be out for the public to see.

The postmortem exercise was delayed as it had been planned for earlier this week. Disagreements within family members however made the exercise to be pushed forward to Friday. Gicheru's mother and some family members wanted the postmortem to be carried out in their presence while his wife wanted his children to arrive first before the exercise started.

"It is not easy for someone to just collapse and die. Police must probe what happened because my son never complained. He was not sick. I spoke to him last Friday and he told me he was doing okay. He then asked me if my other siblings and myself visit our elderly mother and I told him we do. He was very soft-spoken; he only cared about his family," Wambui said.

Gicheru was a key suspect in the ICC case facing President William Ruto where he is being judged of manipulating and bribing witnesses in the case. His body was found in his room at Karen with foam in the mouth a thing that sent a message to Kenyans that he could have been poisoned. Follow the page for more news updates daily.

Follow the page for more news updates daily.

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