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28-Years-Old Lady Files A Suit Against Her Husband And 7 In-Laws After Selling Her Menstrual Blood

28 -Years- Old Lady Files A Suit Against Her Husband And 7 In-Laws After Selling Her Menstrual Blood 

This lady from India has instituted legal proceedings against her in-laws for mistreating her according to the lady, he says she was forced to sell her menstrual blood — which is partly blood and partly tissue from the inside of her the uterus flows from her uterus through her cervix and out of her body through her vagina. Menstruation is driven by hormones.

According to the case filed by the 28 years old lady at Vishrantwadi police station in Pune, her in-laws were forcing her to sell her menses in August 2022. Since that time, the lady has always been mistreated physically and psychologically.

The lady has filed a suit against her husband and 7 in-laws. According to the inspector of the police at Vishrantwadi Dattatray Bhapkar, this lady got married in 2019 and has instituted a legal proceeding against her husband and 7 in-laws who forced her to her periods at 50k rupees.

It was during a cultural ceremony in Ganesh in August 2022, when they demanded it. The husband told the lady he needed it since she had not had a child and this would give him an equal amount of 500 dollars after giving it to the person who needed it. She however refused as it was not acceptable.

 The good news is that justice will prevail as the case is being looked into.

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