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Court Postpones Hearing of CBC Case

For a long time there has been a debate in country on the issue of the new competency based curriculum (CBC). With recent complaints being too many prompting president Ruto to assure parents of forming a task that will look into the matter. The new curriculum which many parents feel its implementation was rashed, is more demanding on the side of parents who are now demanding that the 8:4:4 system be brought back.

Since its implementation there are Lawyers that went to court toseek the curriculum be sraped due to some shortcomings and the case has been on and was scheduled to be heard this week. On a statement by the registrar of the court the three courts that were to hear the case will be away for some official duties thereby prompting the case to be postponed until further notice.

Among the lawyers that had gone to court to protest on CBC was Nelson Havi was is the immediate former president of the LSK. Havi notified his followers on his social media pages about the issue regreating for its inconveniency. "We regret to inform that the CBC case scheduled for hearing tomorrow to Wednesday will not go on. The 3 Judges appointed by the CJ to hear the case will be away on official duties. Hopefully, an early hearing date will be given on 22-11-2022 when the case will be mentioned," wrote Nelson Havi.

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