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"My 2nd Husband Raped My Sister When I Was Working. He Was Jailed For Life In Prison."Julia Narrates

Julia Wangui from Naivasha painfully narrates how her second husband raped her youngest sister while she was out working. He was arrested and after pleading guilty he wa sentenced for life in prison for defilement of a minor.

According to Julia who was born in Naivasha and she was the first born child in a family of four children, which included one sister, and two brothers. Her mother had died and she was the only breadwinner to the family. She did casual jobs so that she can pay for her siblings school fees and provided for their needs.

Life was challenging for her and she was in desperate need of help. That's when she met a young man who offered to marry her and take care of her siblings. He also promised to pay for their school fees.

They lived together happily for two years and she got pregnant for him. They kept on working and she delivered a baby girl nine months later. However after giving birth her husband was entangled with a bad company of friends and he started drinking alcohol. He also became abusive and stopped providing for them.

According to Julia she decided to leave the marriage and she rented a small house where she lived alone with her child and siblings. After a few months she met another man. He was caring and he promised to be a good husband to her and a provider for her siblings.

She moved in with him and she got pregnant soon as after. Nine months later she gave birth to a baby boy and immediately went back to work. One day she left her younger sister at home together with her husband.

She went to work and later that after she came home. However in her way home she met a group of people that told her her husband had raped her sister. She quickly rushed home where she was informed that her sister had been taken to hospital and her husband was in police custody.

She rushed to hospital and that when her sister told her that, her husband had found hero nthe kitchen washing dishes when he grabbed her and took her in the bedroom. He undressed and raped her several times. Afterwards he told her not to tell anyone what had happened.

She went outside and the neighbors saw her crying. After they inquired what had happened she told them what her sister's husband had done to her. They took her to hospital and her husband beaten by angry neighbors before he was arrested.

"I couldn't believe that my husband would defile my only sister." Julia said.

The following week they went to court with all the documents required but the case never took a lot of time because her husband pleaded guilty. After a few months he was convicted and sentenced for life for defilement of a minor.

Julia was hurt by what her husband did to her sister and she has thanked everyone who took part in her case to find justice for her sister.

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