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Cameroon: Two Ladies Sentenced For "Attempting Homosexuality" And Dressing Indecently In Public.

As reported from "Mombasa County Government Watch" on Facebook, two ladies had one of the worst days in life recently. This was after the judge who ruled over their case found them guilty. According to the court, Loic Njeukum popularly known as Shakiro and her ally Roland Mounte Patricia were found badly dressed in a restaurant. Their lawyer also revealed that Patricia and Shakiro were charged for "attempting homosexuality". The case happened at their home country in Cameroon and there were several people like Human Rights Activists intervening. Patricia and Shakiro were given a five years sentence in prison. Their lawyers revealed they were fined with 372.44 dollars which is approximately 37,244 Kenyan shillings each. More information from the lawyers was that their clients were charged for failing to carry identification cards. Anyway, it is high time the public begins working on such behaviors. This will create a better environment to raise our future generation., ModernRogue Opera News)

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