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frican Country Where Prostitution Is Legalised Constitutionally

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For as long as anybody can remember, prostitution has been universally reviled as a despicable occupation. But one thing is certain: prostitution is and always has been a part of society, regardless of laws or legal standing.

Some nations have explicitly banned the practice, while others have attempted to regulate it by emphasizing the health and social benefits for s*x workers. In a country where women are disproportionately affected by poverty and HIV, Malawi's plan to give hookers money to start small companies in exchange for abandoning sex work has sparked debate.

Senegal has legal, regulated prostitution. Senegal is the pioneering African nation to only legalize prostitution under strict guidelines. As long as it is done inconspicuously, there are no limits. The first time prostitution was sanctioned by law was in 1966.

Due to factors such as extensive illegal s*x work, separation, humiliation, viciousness against s*x labourers, and weak healthcare systems, Africa has a very poor reputation. Only Senegal in Africa has a legislation explicitly permitting s*x labor, which was enacted in 1969.

If you're a s*x worker in Senegal, you need to be at least 21 years old, registered with the police, in possession of a valid health card, and a negative std test (articles 318 to 327). Also, those who work in the s*x industry are required to get regular exams at designated enrollment centers. They are eligible for free medical care, contraception, and education thanks to the identification cards that verify their employment as s*x workers.


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