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Opinion: Possible Reason BBI Might Be Vindicated At The Supreme Court

It's a fact Kenyans have been waiting eagerly to know of the possible BBI outcome at the Supreme Court mainly after the hearings that happened recently. However it's possible the report can be vindicated based on the fact reason that we cannot live with a rigid document. It's a fact in life things change and normally we have new trends. Therefore we cannot say we will go by court of appeal ruling that we have parmanent rules and guidelines in the constitution that cannot be changed.

Secondly BBI might be vindicated based on the fact reason that the people of Kenya are sovereign hence can choose and decide on matters their destiny. It's clear the sovereign will of the people is tested at the ballot when they decide of what they want and what they don't want. Given this fact it's clear the courts cannot take awat such a given right.

Thirdly, it's clear the executive has bern using intimidation and threats with some judges who go against government failing to get promotions or other support within the government system. This reason a lone might see some judges get intimidated to join in supporting BBI completely vindicating it from blame.

To add more it's clear court or appeal and the High Court to some extent are believed to have made their rulings against Uhuru to protest and to punish the government. However it's clear when it comes to the Supreme court issues are looked at soberly and according to the law as prescribed in the constitution.

However as always it's a matter of wait and see of what will unfold finally once Martha Koome and her team come to deliver the judgement. However it's clear Kenyans are also more seeing of the important of BBI as opposed to having divisions almost every five years and it's something some of the judges might really look into.

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