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The Process Of Writing a Legally Binding Will And Mistakes To Avoid in Kenya

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Death is a rite of passage which everyone must go through. But mostly expected when someone is very sick or old but some time it come very sudden. When someone dies it advisable to leave behind a will which will guide your next of kins instead of the engaging in wars everyone wants to own properties left behind. Here is the list of things a legal will contains.picture courtesy

Testator's name

This is the name of the person writing the will. You are supposed to write your full names and declare that this is your will.

The Property or gift

The section will contain the list of properties you will leave behind when you die. Be specific to every gift or property you're awarding each person. In othercase you can declare all properties to one person and state all the properties.

An Executor

An Executor s who will make sure your properties are divided according to your will. The person must be trust worthy.


Witnesses should sign the will, they have a section to sign. The are the one to help that you clearly wrote that will and it's your last will.

Mistakes to avoid

1. Don't write a will before marriage if you're planning to marry in future.

2. Don't assume your partner is your wife or husband if you're not legally married.

3. Do not forget to write an Executor.

4. Don't exclude children born out of wedlock.

5. Don't make alot of changes in one will it my look suspicious.

Finally, only people above the age of 18 are the only ones allowed to write a will. And it advisable to visit a specialist and get tested before writing the will, attach the results from the specialist that you were in sound mind when writing your last will.source

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