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How Murder Suspect Lawyer Assa Nyakundi Got a Light Sentence on His Murder Case

(Image of lawyer Assa Nyakundi and Late son Joseph Bongoko)

Government officials have been blasted to favour top political and influential leaders on court ruling. We are all equal and should be treated fairly.

According to sources, Lawyer Assa Nyakundi is said to have killed his son Joseph Bongoko. On March 17 2019 at around 1 pm, the lawyer was seen in transit of his son`s dead body from Muthaiga home to Aga Khan Hospital. The dead body of his son was at the rear seat of the car. The lawyer purported that he accidentally shot his son while changing the position of his pistol in the car.

The son was reported to be dead a few moments after `treatment` by medical doctors. The man at interest reported the matter at Muthaiga police station and managed to cook the books.

According to his statement, his pistol discharged a bullet that struck his son on the chest as he changed his pistol from the couch to a holster. His son was seated at the back seat of the car.

"The shot projection from the chest exiting at the back suggested that whoever shot him was standing outside the rear right back door of the car KCE 753B Toyota Axio which belonged to the father of the deceased. The angle of shooting according to the projection could be ninety degrees suggesting there was a confrontation." part of the autopsy report indicated.

The evidence was forwarded to The Office of the Director of Public Persecutions (ODPP) to issue warrant of arrest by the police officers. Surprisingly, two police officers worked together with prosecutors and tampered with the charges. The lawyer was offered a lesser charge.

On May 2019, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested two police officers in connection to the investigations. Their cover-up led to the lawyer being charged with manslaughter instead of murder. Surprisingly, Nordin Haji took no action to ensure justice.(Image of Nordin Haki)

After the incident went viral, Nordin Haji argued to the court that in the light of the new evidence, the judgement of the lawyers case had been tampered with by police officers.

The ODPP was accused of only being interested on cases with public stunts and failure to disclose the evidence and always acting as though they are prosecuting the case in the media.

The case has been appealed and the lawyer will face the full wrath of the law. The autopsy was conducted again by the government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor and the case will start afresh.

It took the intervention of the DCI to have the murder case revisited after ODPP acted as they were compromised to protect a murder suspect

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Assa Nyakundi Muthaiga


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