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What A Judge May Do If You Chose To Remain Totally Silent During A Court Hearing Session

Almost in all court sessions during a criminal case proceedings, a defendant will have to enter a plea whether guilty or not guilty to enable the judge know the action to take. Well have you ever asked your self what happens i. a case where the defendant chooses to remain silent during the court session? Come along as we find out what is likely to happen.

Atimes a defendant may decide to take a plea to push the case to a further date if not in a position to hire a lawyer to represent the case. If you are silent, the judge may think you are not familiar with the spoken language. A translator is supposed to be searched for to represent you in the court session.

If you now choose not to talk totally, the judge will have the right to now pass a judgement as it seems you are ignorant now. Before that is done, you will be tested for disabilities e.g dumbness or any other speech related problem. The sentence can either be a jail term or even a fine where you are supposed to pay some money for your freedom.

Now you know, next time in a court of law its better you talk and avoid such cases which are regretful. Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Also share with friends and family too. Thanks for your time readers👌👌

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