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Details About Philomena Mwilu, Acting Chief Justice And Wife To Busia Senator Amos Wako

Philomena Mwilu is one hardworking woman highly determined to see results. She is also the acting chief justice of the supreme court of Kenya as well a mother of three kids who vastly however largely remain off public limelight as nothing much is known about them.

Philomena Mwilu featured recenty as she was among the JSC commissioners who were interviewing candidate for the position of chief justice where Martha Koome was chosen. Her focus was clear even during the interviews that she had the interest of kenyans at heart always putting the interest of the country first.

Unknown to many Philomena Mwilu is married to Busia Senator Amos Wako in a marriage that has lasted for more than a decade having met long ago when Philomena Mwilu was acting as a lawyer for a local insurance company. It's said their love bonds is made of strong covalent bonds as they really are inseparable always supporting one another in all their political moves.

Philomena Mwilu however vastly keeps cool and largely off public limelight for her own personal reasons. She has details about her kids remaining off radar as they are themselves private persons who don't seen to have in interest in publicity. This is the same case to Amos Wako who has also largely kept his family off public limelight though it's clear he has two kids Julius and Deborah.

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