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Kindiki Reveals The Circumstances In Which Police Officers Have Been Ordered Not To Use Their Guns

Ministry of interior and national administration cabinet secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki has reiterated that law enforcement agencies are allowed to use their firearms and that the kenyan law and the relevant international laws also allow for the same. He says the country's security system won't be run on the basis of debates and discussions.

"The Constitution of Kenya and all the applicable international treaties and conventions empower police officers to use force, maximum force including lethal force if their life as they go about their work of protecting citizens is in danger," he disclosed.

However, as he reiterated that police officers are allowed to use force in some circumstances, he went ahead and listed the possible scenarios where the government does not expect law enforcement officers to use their arsenal.

First, CS Kithure Kindiki affirmed that the right for kenyans to protest or picked is enshrined in the constitution and nobody is allowed to interfere with this right in any manner.

In that regard, he disclosed that police officers are not allowed to use their firearms when it comes to maintaining law and order during a peaceful protest or picketing.

Secondly, he also noted that the officers are not allowed to use their firearms in a rogue manner by deploying it to threaten peaceful and law abiding citizens and terrorizing them for flimsy reasons.

He maintained that the government is devoted to ensuring the safety and well-being of all kenyans.

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