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Opinion: Boniface Mwangi, Alai Twitter Spat was Unhealthy

The verbal altercation between Activist Boniface Mwangi and city Blogger Robert Alai was not so mature in the eyes of their online community.

The two guys who affirmatively know each other well and have worked together in the past decided to go ‘fangs and tongs’ at each other without thinking about the implications on their respective personal images.

However, what caught my right eye was the attack Mwangi lodged against Alai claiming that the latter runs a blog that thrives in lifting stories. This was how Boniface, a man who has worked in the mainstream media for years and I believe the same media house I have also worked for, went wrong. Not everyone can break the same story. Only one fast media house would scoop the headline then others will pick from there and or run follow ups. All media houses share stories. No one can be island! It is no crime. They pick some from bloggers too.

“I don't need to intimidate or troll anyone.  @KahawaTungu has no reporter or resources to publish stories. You lift articles from mainstream media to publish on your rug, a front to extort citizens. @RobertAlai apart from blackmailing people, what do you do for a living?” Mwangi tweeted.

Secondly, it was wrong for the activist to seek to know what else Alai does for a living. Everyone knows what Alai does. It is in public domain that the vocal blogger is an influencer, news blogger who also runs a successful technology business. He also endorses products everyday on his Twitter. All these are jobs Alai does. That said, it is important that Mwangi should accept the fact that not everybody can fit in one office. Not everyone can be an activist like him. That is how God created this universe.

Last but not least, it is not law that everyone must have two or three jobs at once; and that cannot be possible in a country that is struggling with itself like Kenya. Those who have other side hustles are the few lucky ones and should always thank God.

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