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The Deadly Weapons That Were Found Inside Supreme Court Building Today

As the Building Bridges Initiative was being heard at the supreme court today there were some deadly weapons that were found in the supreme court building today.

These left some of the lawyers afraid and worried why such equipments were found during the case hearing process.The lawyer AhmedNassir Abdullahi is the one who took to social media the tight security that was witnessed at the supreme court.

Some of the police officers were at the gate, some at the entrance while others were inside the the building with sniffer dogs.Some with CZ scorpion Evo 3 rifles,one of the deadliest weapon on earth for security purposes.

CZ scorpion Evo 3 rifles.

It is one of the machine gun that is used by soldiers in a mission in an enclosed buildings and vehicles among others.

The machine gun is so dangerous and it's use are always rear but when it is used then serious impact will be seen.These materials were used for security purposes to ensure there is peace during the hearing process.

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