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Man Receives Sh1.5 Million by Mistake, Tells Court it Was Sent to Him by God and Won't Return it

Court ordered a Sh1.5 million case between a lawyer and his client to be decided by a mediator as the lawyer who received the money said that he cannot return the money claiming that it was sent by God to his bank account.

Attorney Alphaxard Osoro Mogikoyo who is accused of stealing Sh1.5million sent wrongly to his account by Christopher Onunga Oanda allegedly told a special committee of the SDA Karengata Church that he will not return the money claiming that he received it from God.

After hearing that the two had involved a pastor and the Church Elders to mediate them, Justice Francis Andayi ordered Milimani Law Court mediation department to appoint a mediator to oversee the conciliation between Mogikoyo and Oanda.

The case however sparked drama with Mr Oanda claiming that Mogikoyo is not a lawyer adding that he is not performing his duties the way a lawyer should. He went on to tell Justice Andayi that if Lawyer Mogikoyo had returned his money he would not have sued him in court. However Mogikoyo stood firm with his claims that he received the money from God.

Justice Francis Andayi told Lawyer Mogikoyo to give back the money to Oanda who is an engineer. Andayi told Mogikoyo that the money was very little for a lawyer considering that he has been a lawyer for many years and his experience is high. Andayi told Mogikoyo to pay the Shs 1.5 million he received by mistake from Oanda and stop wasting a lot of time in court. However Mogikoyo did not seem convinced that he should refund Sh1.5 million which Oanda claims he sent to him by mistake.

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