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Sheep jailed for three years in South Sudan

The ram above has been found guilty and is to be jailed for three years for the murder of a forty five year old lady in South Sudan.

The sheep attacked the forty five year old woman from behind and injured her ribs. The lady, Adieu Chaping, then succumbed to the injury a few minutes after the accident.

The police decided to jail the sheep instead of the owner claiming that the owner is innocent. The sheep has to be jailed for it's violent action of attacking the woman and breaking her ribs. It will remain in police custody and control for three years as part of the punishment for the murder of the woman.

The owner of the ram, Douny Manyang will however give five cows to the family of Adhieu ( the attacked woman) in part of compensation for the death of the lady.

The case has raised concern not only in South Sudan but in different parts of the world on how the police decided to put into custody a sheep instead of the owner or just leave it and assume it was an accident.

People from different parts are also questioning whether the sheep denied or agreed that he was guilty of the accusations.

Content created and supplied by: Joniemuwah (via Opera News )

Adieu Chaping Douny Manyang South Sudan


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