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Security Tight As Final BBI Hearing Is Ongoing At The Supreme Court

Security has been beefed up in Supreme Court as the Building Bridges Initiative appeal hearing is ongoing.The three days hearing will determine the final outcome of the BBI after the document was rejected in two previous steps before being presented to the Supreme Court.

In the picture two police officers are standing one on the right and the other one on the left wearing a combat,bullet proofs,cap,face mask and brown boots at the entrance of the supreme court.Both are carrying black fire arms attentively administering the sorrounding.In the second picture another one is inspecting already seated proponent on the table holding a police dog.

The main purpose of doing this is to maintain law and order as well as protect the judges and lawyers engaged in BBI hearing from external attacks.It seems the last picture of supreme court is taken in space by the Kenya airforce trying to identify any strange occurrence.

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Building Bridges Supreme Court


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