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Vocal Ex-Governor in Trouble as a Ugandan Woman Sues Him for Ksh 236,000 Child Support

Following an appeal by a woman of Ugandan descent who has sued the former governor for child upkeep, a Kitale court has ordered former Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba to pay the woman Ksh 236,000 as monthly maintenance.

The woman claims that Mr. Khaemba has neglected to send the minimal maintenance payments for more than ten years.

She informed the court in a written declaration submitted through her attorney, John Bororio, that Mr. Khaemba has not been paying the child's maintenance since 2013.

The lady had filed a lawsuit in an effort to get the court to issue orders compelling Mr. Khaemba to pay Ksh 236,000 for the welfare of the child, including accrued rent of Ksh 146,000, utilities at Ksh 20,000, food at Ksh 50,000, and entertainment at Ksh 20,000.

The child must be put on a particular diet because of a medical problem, which has become quite expensive, Ms. E.A. informed the court.

Ms. E.A., a businesswoman who deals in cosmetic products, informed the court that because her business is not doing well, she is unable to meet the child's demands.

According to the paperwork submitted to the court, the woman and Mr. Khaemba had a child in 2013. Ms. E.A. informed the court that Mr. Khaemba had abandoned his parental duties, leaving her to contend with the kid.

She further charged that the former county boss has been ignoring her calls and messages whenever she wanted to follow up on the welfare money for the baby.

The court ordered the lady to be given legal custody and care of the kid while the case was being heard and decided after the application was submitted under a certificate of urgency.

The defendant was also ordered by the court to start paying the minor's school fees and other obligations right away. The Kitale children's court also ordered Mr. Khaemba to start paying Ms. E.A. Ksh 236,000 per month in maintenance for the kid and to cover the minor's medical expenses right away.

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