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Gicheru's Wife Speaks on Who the Family Was Told To Fear and Respect

Lawyer Paul Gicheru's death caught many Kenyans by surprise bearing in mind that the Lawyer had a pending case at ICC.

In a latest report, details have emerged on what Paul Gicheru's wife said her emotional tribute as she continued to mourn his death that happened on September 26.

From the report it has been established that Gicheru's wife stated that he was a caring and loving husband who never ceased to show love to his children and their extended family.

Further she revealed that the late Gicheru used to teach their three children to fear and respect God, their parents and the government of the day.

"You always taught them that there are three things to fear and respect - God, our parents and the government of the day. We shall always remember this," she stated

For that reason she revealed that the family will dearly miss him as his presence usually warmed their hearts.

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