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The Reggae Is Back After Appeal In The Court

It has been few weeks ago since the building bridges initiative was nullified by a bench of judges of the high court. This brought a lot of reactions in the politics between the supporters of the document and the opposer's. 

This nullification indicated that the document was illegal and unconstitutional according to the Kenyan law. This made the reggae rhythm to go underground and look for another way to make it resurface. This made those supporting bbi to move to the court of appeal where cases are brought back. 

A bench of judges and a panel of lawyers are now waiting for the hearing and judgement by the high court judges. This appear have made the reggae to resurface with a new beat. All Kenyans are looking forward for the new judgement to me made in or against for the document. As a Kenyan citizen have you read and understand the document.

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