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"To Triumph as CJ, Boldly do Reject Blackmails or Coercion by Tyrants & Mafia" ~Says Kabando

Vocal former Member of Parliament Kabando wa Kabando has as well penned down his congratulatory message to our new Chief Justice Martha Koome. Through his twitter hurdle, Kabando boldly and articulately stated the following.Picture for illustrative purpose.

This tweet attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*You are a classic example of young Kenyans with misplaced priorities. Hating criticisms is a non issue if you agree with his track record, vision, plans and ideas to change your life.

*Building Bridges Intiative Report Bill is soon ascending to the supreme court. We shall have to taste on one of the biggest ruling by her as a Chief Justice.

*Women are great, after Jesus's crucification men had given up but, women didn't give up and went to the tomb and found out that He had risen, it was hard for men to belief.

*I hope and pray that she will not be a puppet of the executive. I pray that she will endavour to uphold the rule of law. Judiciary is our hope to a better country. Let her prove that BEAUTY.

*Even after someone has been through so much hard work, a long deserving career with merit, a gruelling and public interview, all you see is gender? She has done this well because of her own hard work, not her gender.

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