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Touching Story Of Kenyan Woman Survival In Saudi Arabia

In March this year Wanja Kimani a Kenyan Citizen found herself in the fire when she thought that what would be a grand opportunity in the Middle East turned into a nightmare, for the three or so months that she was struck in Saud Arabia, Wanja was denied food and freedom but today it has turned into a happy ending as Wanja is back at home to tell the story and turn the negative experience to a positive one.

Her story is of women who are destroyed in pursuit of a living in the Middle East but she is lucky as not so many who have left to find jobs in Saudi Arabia get the chance to ever see their family ever again, she says that she has not been able to see such freedom and happiness since she left for Saudi Arabia where she had gone to work as a domestic worker since March 2021.

Wanja says that she went to Saudi Arabia because she believed this would expose her to greater opportunities but when she boarded the plane to Saudi Arabia it was the entry into a cruel world she had not anticipated, she says that what kept her fighting for her life was the hope of reuniting with her children and once she got back to Kenya her dreams had finally come true, she is now reflective of her situation and the collaborative of what it took to bring her back home including help from the international organization for migration, friends and family.

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