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SC Raises Eyebrows What Is Happening Behind Curtains In The Court Of Appeal, Havi Told To Act

Senior Council Ahmednasir has recently raised a red alert over what is happening in the Court of Appeal. In his allegations he said that he saw a dress code guidelines for advocates that was issued by the Court of Appeal. The city lawyer said that historically and statutorily the courts have no any business in determining the kind of dress to be used by advocates. He alleged that function is a monopoly of the Law Society of Kenya. Ahmednasir said that the courts can only determine the dress code for judges but not advocates.

He reported that the dress code is an ntegral part of the independence of the bar and should not be misused. He asked President of the Law Society of Kenya, Nelson Havi to authoritatively restate the position that it undermines the independence of the profession for judges. He wants Havi to tell advoates on how to dress in court.

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