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Nakuru Gov Lee Kinyanjui Sends This Encouraging Message to Black Women

Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui has today emphasized that we must teach children to embrace black as a color of honor and that black girls are also beautiful according to a Facebook post on his page.

“Many years of negative associations with black, had made it the color of death and all that is negative. We must never allow ourselves to be instruments of black oppression and marginalization,” the post read.

Kinyanjui went on to say that use of terms and slogans that carry subtle racial undertones can be very costly. According to him negative events in the past dubbed black market, black Friday and blacklist paint a picture that black is evil.

The County boss also gave an account where his friend advised him to wear a black suit to a funeral because he had donned a different color but he refused. “But in that, I felt the betrayal of the colonial system,” he wrote.

He therefore concluded that black women need to be proud of their color, we all ought to be.

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