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Blow to Woman Who Chopped Off Her Husband's Manhood After Court Slaps Her With This Sentence

According to recent updates making the Kenyan airwaves, one random woman who emanates from Meru county been sentenced to 15 years in jail after chopping off her husband's manhood in an attempt to kill him.

Appearing before Maua court recently, the suspect tried to prove herself innocent by claiming that she has mental illness but since her medical reports were no where to be found, the court had to proceed with the ruling.

Chief magistrate Tito Gesora made it known that the mother of five was found guilty of murder after the prosecution side proved this with no doubts.

The court heard that the bloody incidence which transpired on November 19 at around 3 am saw the woman hit her sleeping husband on the head and limbs with a panga over land issue that she wanted it to be shared to her. She then proceeded to wield a knife after which she chopped a part of his testicles.

The victim who couldn't bare all the pain tried to scream for help but all this was in vain after she slipped into unconscious state.

As if this wasn't enough, the nefarious woman tried to force her unconscious husband to drink an unknown chemical in an attempt to accomplish her motives.

Her daughter who heard the wailings alerted neighbours by screaming but the woman hit her in attempt to make her keep silence. A few moments later, neighbours who got hint that something was amiss scampered to the scene where they broke in an disarmed the woman who was wielding a panga in horror.

They then proceeded to rescue the man and took him to hospital. The woman survived death by a whisker on that day after enraged neighbours attempted to lynch her but was rescued by local authorities who had arrived in the scene and taken to the police station.

Meanwhile, Chief Magistrate Tito Gesora has sentenced the suspect to 15 years in jail pending her appeal in 14 days.

Her husband however told the court that it was not the first time they had this land issue with her wife and she also attacked him for failing to give in to her demands.

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